In late 2014, I decided to start writing small, casual reviews of the books I read. The goal was to improve my writing and my ability to understand and talk about what I was reading. In setting up this blog, I wanted to push myself to put a bit more effort into these reviews, because I felt that they could often be haphazard and messy. The reasoning being that, if I know people might see them, I would be more likely to polish them up a bit.

I won’t post a review of every book I read, but I’ll try to post one every couple of weeks. I’m planning to focus on newer or lesser known books, so you won’t find reviews of say, Harry Potter, or Tale of Two Cities. You can expect to find “literary” fiction, old public domain “classics”, and the occasional bit of fantasy, horror, or weird fiction.

Right now, I’m content with the book reviews, but I may post other stuff in the future.


Me and My Name:

I am a young man currently living in the west of Ireland. Besides reading, I also enjoy playing and listening to music. I found the name “Oscarvaughther” by flicking to a random page in Joyces’ Finnegans Wake, and “Writhings” is just a malformation of “writings”.